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Disney's Transatlantic Cruise


Click to enlarge image  - Disney's Transatlantic Cruise  - May 12-26
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May 12-26
This transatlantic cruise was our 5th Disney Cruise and our 1st transatlantic cruise. I have always wanted to take a cruise across the Atlantic and when Disney announced they were going abroad we jumped on the opportunity.

The cruise left port on Saturday may 12th with an amazing send off. We were no traveling to the Caribbean we were headed to the Mediterranean. We took our kids with us they are 10 and 12 and when they found out there were only around 1/3 of the kids as usual you can image how excited they were. They were ready to get on there favorite machines in the Oceaneer’s Lab and Ocean Quest and they told us they would see us in 2 weeks.

We stayed in our usually stateroom 2642. We experienced inside rooms, balconies and suites. However we have discovered that we love anywhere 2 aft on the Disney Ship. This is why: Being aft and down low we have found to be one of the smoothest rides in comparison to when we stayed on deck 5 forward, deck 6 mid, and deck 7 aft. Also strategically it is ideal. Deck 2 is 1 or 2 floors below the dinning rooms so when you are stuffed and can’t walk after dinner, you can walk downstairs instead of upstairs.  When boarding the boat after shore excursion we take a quick walk up one flight of stairs and to our room instead of having to wait for an elevator.  We also like aft because it is a Quick ride to topsiders, the drink machine, the movie theater and Palo’s. I am sure everyone has their own favorites but, for our family deck 2 aft is an ideal stateroom location.  


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Date taken: 2007 08 13 21:01 Monday

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