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Day Three and Four.1


Panama Cruise January 2011 - Last Trans-canal trip planned for the Disney Wonder at this time.
Day three of our Panama Canal Disney Wonder cruise in January 2011, we were scheduled for a day at sea while traveling to Aruba. Nothing different has happened except the fact that we are a little ahead of where we were supposed to be due to the cancellation of Castaway Cay the day before.

In a casual conversation waiting for the elevator, one of our table mates said, "they will make up for it somehow." I had never missed Castaway Cay on a cruise, so I had no idea, but I said, "How could they pull that off?"

Well, about 5:00 pm they did! As we sat in the Buena Vista theater starting the movie Tangled, the captain got on the announcement system and informed us that they were going to get to Aruba 16 hours early and stay there till our normal departure time. That means we were going to have an overnight stay there. Personally, Aruba is on 'my list' of place to see so I was beyond excited. Day four.1 will end with our arrival in Aruba about 3:00 pm.

The weather was beautiful. A gentle breeze and high 70s kept the decks comfortable for everyone. Outside of the first few hours of day three, there were very few clouds in the sky, however the passage between Cuba and Haiti was pretty much overcast. In fact, I did not even see Cuba but for a few minutes between a couple rain clouds. The southern peninsula of Haiti was very visible about noon with only the peaks of the mountain shrouded in billowy clouds.

On the morning of day four, I started up my TomTom to see how fast we were travelling. In the hour it ran we travelled at about 20 knots... or just under.

Out in the open expanse of the Caribbean the waves remained constant at 8-13 feet according to the report from the bridge. It could have been smoother. Looking out over the water there are occasional white-caps on the waves. There were a few more people wearing their seasick patches behind thier ears.

Early on the forth day the gulls joined us on their way to Aruba. First a few then a dozen or more by shortly after noon floated gracefully off the bow and the stern looking for any stray bits of food blown overboard. Gulls can be very nasty birds, but they seemed happy at a distance with an occasional rest on the rail.

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