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Tigger is an exuberant, one-of-a-kind creature with the famously springy tail. He acts on every impulse, and his boisterous manner often leads him to leap before he looks.

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World Fest 2012 at Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri


Entire Playlist for the Festival

Video Duration 3:36 ... that is over 3 1/2 hours!

Sbandieratori Arezzo italy italian flag throwing Sbandieratori Arezzo italy italian flag throwing - World Fest 2012 at Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri - Entire Playlist for the Festival
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Sbandieratori Arezzo italy italian flag throwing

Sbandieratori Arezzo

An astounding and colorful display of the ancient art of Italian flag throwing.

Sbandieratori Arezzo italy italian flag throwing

The Flag-Wavers Association of Arezzo

Who we are

THE FLAG-WAVERS ASSOCIATION OF AREZZO, since 1960, is an independent organization created as representative of the Saracen Joust (Giostra del Saracino), a bi-annual medieval tournament the group contributes to. Its activity, though, is not limited to it but also includes and is based on its many performances in the rest of Italy and abroad.

Since 1960 the Association’s primary aim is to revive the art of "flag handling" in its most complete form, preserving the original military spirit but trying to also enhance its aesthetic and choreographic aspect.

For this reason, the repertoire of the group ranges from conventional movements to more elaborate exercises - still resulting from a meticulous historical research - up to its true flagship: the Skirmish.

No surprise, then, when single, in-pairs and group performances - always accompanied by drums and clarions - fascinate the viewer with their elegance and athletic excellence.


Kenyan Sarakasi Acrobats

A world-renowned acrobatic troupe combining high energy acrobatics, pyramid building, tumbling, mind-boggling feats of balance, juggling, comedy and more!

Dearbhail Finnegan

Ireland's premier harpist, joined by Robin Slater on the flute, plays melodies that transport you to the enchanting Emerald Isle.

Born and raised in Nobber, Co.Meath, Ireland, the birthplace of Ireland's most famous Harper/Composer Turlough O'Carolan.

Dearbhails primary harp teacher was Aibhlin McCrann, after graduating from the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dearbhail continued her quest to become established in the circle of elite Harp Players and soon became a member of The Belfast Harp Orchestra,  founded by Janet Harbison and also The Irish National Harp Ensemble, which performed in the original production of  'Spirit of the Dance'.

For the past 12 years Dearbhail has appeared at America's Largest International Festival 'Worldfest' in Branson, Missouri, USA. In 2011 she appeared alongside the critically acclaimed Irish Tenor, Michael Londra in 'Irish Eyes are Smiling'.

In 1993 The Meath Harp Academy was established, incorporating over 42 students from surrounding areas. The Academy is a striving example of how alive the Irish harp is today in Ireland. From the success of the academy, the students participate in the Meath Harp Ensemble and the Meath Harp Orchestra and Dearbhail is currently musical director and primary teacher.

Dearbhail has released four recordings, 'Strings alive', 'Christmas with the Irish Harp',  'Off the Beaten Track' and 'Butterfly'. More recently was chosen to record a track on 'Masters of the Irish Harp' produced by RTE Lyric FM.

Dearbhails music was featured in the animation movie 'Nims Winter Tale' by Ola Schubert, and was nominated as a finalist in the 'Best Original Sound' category, at the Flash Forward Conference 2006 in Seattle.

Highlights include performing for President Clinton in the Whitehouse, Washington DC during the 50th anniversary of NATO, seniorities at the House of Commons, London and President Barrack Obama's recent visit to Ireland.

Today, Dearbhail Finnegan is an accomplished teacher, author, performer and director.


Tigger hitches a ride on La Bella Musica and one of the Sons of the Silver Dollar, Michael Todd! Tigger hitches a ride on La Bella Musica and one of the Sons of the Silver Dollar, Michael Todd! - World Fest 2012 at Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri - Entire Playlist for the Festival
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Tigger hitches a ride on La Bella Musica and one of the Sons of the Silver Dollar, Michael Todd!

La Bella Musica

Our Stunning musical to Italian music and Heritage featuring Carnegie Hall performer Aaron Caruso, headlining soprano Melanie Goerlitz and World Accordian Champion Cory Pesaturo.

Melanie Goerlitz - Soprano


Melanie is a lyric soprano based out of New York City. She was delighted to recently make her European debut in a concert tour throughout Poland. This concert highlighted the works of contemporary and traditional musical theater, and she was accompanied by a full symphony orchestra. Additionally, she just recorded her first album, "Broadway After Midnight" to be released in Poland in March 2012.

Melanie is also extremely proud to have made her Carnegie Hall debut this past December 2011. She recently joined the New York Choral Society which has led to other similar endeavors, with Carnegie Hall being a major highlight. "Everyone always asks, ‘Where is the best place to perform in New York?’ I’ve always heard it was Carnegie Hall, and now I know without a doubt it is true! What a thrill to sing on that stage." This was one of many concerts performed in New York this season with the New York Choral Society, and Melanie is looking forward to many more.

(More at: http://www.melaniegoerlitz.com/Melanie_Goerlitz_Soprano/Biography.html)

Aaron Caruso


Aaron has created a truly entertaining show, taking the audience on a romantic journey to Italy with such favorites as "Volare" and "Mamma". Aaron will also take you to Broadway with The Phantom, and even sings the up-tempo songs of Tom Jones.

Not to be outdone by his `Itlaiam Brother`, Mark LeTourneau gives Tigger a special treat!! Not to be outdone by his `Itlaiam Brother`, Mark LeTourneau gives Tigger a special treat!! - World Fest 2012 at Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri - Entire Playlist for the Festival
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Not to be outdone by his `Itlaiam Brother`, Mark LeTourneau gives Tigger a special treat!!
Although happy for his Italian heritage, Aaron is also proud to be an American and always includes a song for our Veterans.

Caruso was chosen by film producer Sonny Grosso and 15-time Grammy winner, Phil Ramone to sing the role of Mario Lanza, which fulfills a lifelong dream: Lanza played Caruso, now Caruso will play Lanza!

World Accordian Champion Cory Pesaturo


World Digital Accordion Champion (Coupe Mondiale) And World Acoustic Accordion Champion (Primus Ikaalinen) Cory Pesaturo (C Pez) is a graduate of the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA, where he was the first musician ever to major and graduate in the accordion. Cory is in fact the Only person to ever win World Championships on Acoustic Accordion, Digital Accordion, and Jazz. Accordion Legend Dick Contino said when Cory was only 15, "Of all the accordionists I’ve seen over the years, Cory is the one to pass the torch to, the only one who has all the tools to bring the accordion back to its former glory." Cory’s main contribution, is his visionary thinking of how the accordion should be used, played, and presented in the modern music world. He is currently developing his Own electric accordion, and already has made the first ever skinned accordion. Pesaturo's extensive resumé includes appearances at the White House for President and Mrs. Clinton on 4 different occasions, starting at age 12. On one of those occasions, he became the youngest person ever to perform at a State Dinner. He has since performed at 7 other events for the Clintons and continues to keep in touch as proved by his 14 letters from the First family. Because of this, Cory is featured in Mrs. Clinton’s book "An Invitation to the White House". For his travel, Cory performed in 5 different continents, from Italy, to Canada, to New Zealand, to Japan and Tunisia in 2009 alone.

At 11, Pesaturo got his first break, and opened at the former Warwick Musical Theater for the ill Myron Floren, the legendary accordionist on the Lawrence Welk show. In July 2002 at age 15, Cory tied his close friend Steve Dominko for the youngest ever National Accordion Champion. A win in a concerto competition at the New England Conservatory of Music gave Pesaturo the rare opportunity to perform at the 2003 Christmas Pops Concert with the Brockton Symphony Orchestra as a featured soloist, where he became the youngest accordionist to ever solo with a symphony orchestra. Cory performed Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto; this performance can actually be seen on YouTube.

Tigger hangs out with the Mariachi Divas! Tigger hangs out with the Mariachi Divas! - World Fest 2012 at Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri - Entire Playlist for the Festival
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Tigger hangs out with the Mariachi Divas!

Mariachi Divas

Official Website for The Mariachi Divas with their Tour Schedule, Audio and Video Clips, Photos and Contact Information.

Founded and directed by trumpet player Cindy Shea in 1999, Mariachi Divas are making big waves on the national music scene. Mariachi Divas are a unique, multi-cultural, all female ensemble, imbued with the true flavor of Los Angeles and have been represented by women of Mexican, Cuban, Samoan, Argentinean, Colombian, Panamanian, Puerto Rican, Swiss, Japanese, Honduran, Peruvian, Tongan and Anglo descents. Cindy Shea states, "Music is a way of uniting our cultural backgrounds". In 2009, Mariachi Divas won the Grammy Award for Best Regional Mexican Album of the year for their 2008 release, Canciones De Amor. This marks the first time in the history of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences that an all-female mariachi group has been a nominee, or of course, a winner.

Mariachi Divas have appeared at Southern California venues such as Arrowhead Pond, Universal Amphitheater, Staples Center, the Greek Theatre, the Santa Barbara Bowl, the House of Blues, the LA Forum for the 2005 Premio La Gente live TV awards show and the Shrine Auditorium for the 2006 Alma Awards. They have also accompanied Grammy- winning artists such as Joan Sebastian, Jenny Rivera, Marco Antonio Solis, Pablo Montero, Graciela Beltran, Natalia Jimenez and Paulina Rubio. The Divas have performed dozens of shows with the world-renowned Mariachi Vargas.

Each January since 2001, the Divas have showcased their innovative sounds at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention in Anaheim, California. They have performed at the Tucson International Mariachi Concert, the Las Cruces Mariachi Conference and the Fresno Radio Bilingue Mariachi Show. Mariachi Divas were featured as one of the main televised acts, in front of over 500,000 people on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, at the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the world: the 14th and 15th Annual Fiesta Broadway in 2003 and 2004. They have appeared at both the Los Angeles and Orange County Fairs numerous times, as well as other state and county fairs across the country. The Divas have not only traveled throughout the USA for performances in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming but also performed in Tampico, Mexico in 2004. Mariachi Divas have appeared several times at the John Anson Ford Theatre in Los Angeles, promoting and producing their own shows there.

George Kahumoku's Hawaiian Country Music Show

Grammy Award-winning slack key guitarist, George Kahumoku headlines a talented, tropical cast in this tribute to Hawaiian Country music and dance.


Peruvian Yawar Chicchi Scissor Dancers

Twelve amazing performers dancing with scissors. It's a fascinating presentation of traditional Peruvian music and dance. WARNING! Do Not Try This At home!!


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